Hello! My name is Matthew. Il get right to the point. I have a small batch candle company that I hope to grow. I am looking for some Influencers to work with. Im new and learning business. I’m interested in having people buy and try my candles. Il send you some samples. If you feel that I did put my love into this, we can work. I’m not currently looking for large influence. I’m not sure I could handle a huge order list right now. Id like to work up to it. Il pay good a good percentage to see if this is helpful to us. Are you curious to see if you could? Lets work! 


I offer 20% of the sales. I make. I send. You sell. Im not making much if anything. I Give free shipping (I pay) and low prices to compete. 


Interested? I’m open for any adjustments. Even making you a specific candle with your label on it. Yes, make you your own branded candle and send them out for you. HMU. 

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I would like to start working with creators. I haven’t before I just started a little candle company. I would like to get it promoted and the brand out there. I’m open for suggestions and cool with giving up profits for the opportunity to get my things out there. I would also be interested in creating a specific candle just for you. Meaning you tell me what you love in a candle, and I make it with your label on it, I ship it out, we profit? I’m trying to figure all this out, so let me know if you would be interested. I appreciate your time!

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