The Illuminating Magic of Candle Subscriptions: Brighten Your Year Every Month

The Illuminating Magic of Candle Subscriptions: Brighten Your Year Every Month

  👋🤪❤️🕯️! Hey, Candle Lovers! Matthew Thompson here, the founder of Candle Brandle. Today, I'm thrilled to share an exciting concept that’s been flickering in my mind - a candle subscription service that's all set to ignite a wave of delightful surprises for our avid fans.*

-> Unwrapping the Subscription Brilliance

Imagine this - a year filled with the warm glow of 13 (7 oz) distinct, handcrafted candles, carefully curated and delivered straight to your doorstep. Our subscription service is more than just an offering; it's an opportunity to elevate your ambiance, one candle at a time. Each month, you'll unwrap a new olfactory journey, expertly crafted to captivate your senses and elevate your space.

-> Embracing Financial Radiance

At Candle Brandle, we understand the value of spreading luminous joy without compromising financial prudence. Our subscription model is designed to shine a light on your savings - with just $120 a year, securing your membership unlocks a stream of 13 (7 oz) enchanting candles. Not to mention, with this bundle of radiance, you even have the perfect gift candle handy - because who doesn't love being the source of heartwarming bliss for their loved ones?

-> Let’s Glow Together!

We're beyond ecstatic about this potential venture, and your feedback is the beacon that guides our path. As we contemplate this intriguing candle subscription idea, your thoughts and insights are invaluable. Let's kindle this conversation and illuminate the future of Candle Brandle together.

Looking forward to igniting a year filled with candlelit moments!

Warm regards,
Matthew Thompson
Founder, Candle Brandle


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