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$10,000 candle released by Candle Brandle!

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The artist had always been driven by the creative spirit, pouring their heart and soul into each and every piece, using their tireless dedication to fund new projects, bringing beauty and expression to the world. They knew the sting of being undervalued, of their work selling for less than its worth. It was a struggle to be seen, to stand out, but after years of hard work, the artist finally began to gain recognition.

As their artistry flourished, so did their resolve. No longer content to accept less than their masterpiece deserved, the artist began to demand fair compensation for their work, firmly asserting their worth and the value of their art. And so, when the time came to create a new piece, the artist chose to make a statement – a bold and controversial masterpiece in candle form.

The candle, named "Anarchy in the USA," it is a breathtaking spectacle of ‘Burning Wood’ & ‘Fireplace ash’ (scents combined) poured into a unique gold colored concrete vessel of a known Man of controversy, its exterior adorned with striking graffiti markings of red, white, and blue spray paint, emphasizing the vital message it’s sought to convey. A symbol of social struggle and a plea for change, the candle stirred passionate debate with its thought-provoking imagery. It was an unprecedented work, a daring testament to the power of art to provoke, inspire, and challenge societal norms.

This one-of-a-kind masterpiece, priced at $10,000, encapsulated the artist's refusal to be silenced, urging all who beheld it to consider its profound and complex meaning. It is a testament to the transformative and revolutionary nature of art, demonstrating the potential of creativity to call for change and provoke the mind.

As the artist's creation continued to spark controversy and dialogue, it remained a remarkable symbol of the artist's creative boldness and unwavering commitment to challenging the status quo through art, continuing to inspire and provoke hearts and minds.

This one of a kind artistic masterpiece is available for $10,000 usd at candlebrandle.com Link Here: https//:www.candlebrandle.com/products/anarchy-in-the-usa



Bedt Regards,

Matthew Thompson 

(Founder) Candle Brandle


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